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Option Calculator

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Advanced Option Calculator

The powerful and unique software for option traders. What are your chances in the option trading? This tool gives the answer ! Advanced Option Calculator allows you to find option combinations having positive Mathematical Expectation. Let mathematics work for you.



Advanced Option Calculator


Major features

  • calculates the fair value of put and call options

  • calculates implied volatility

  • calculates option greeks (Delta, Vega, Gamma, Theta)

  • plots Profit & Loss graph of option position

  • calculates probability of the underlying security reaching target price

  • calculates key statistics for analyzing option positions :
     - max profit
     - max loss
     - greeks
     - probability of profit
     - probability of loss
    And more...

Unique features !

  • calculates probable parameters of option position:
     - Mathematical Expectation of Profit
     - Mathematical Expectation of Loss
    Now you can analyse ANY multi-leg option combinations:
    - vertical spreads

    - straddles

    - strangles

    - synthetic call/put

    - covered calls

    - ratio spreads

    - backspreads

    And more... (except time/calendar spreads)

advanced option calculator
advanced option calculator
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